7.9m SERIES   2.7m BEAM   Lengths: 7.9m

Since its launch in 2003, the 7.9m has  become one of the most versatile workboats in the UK, surpassing expectations in a variety of applications. The 7.9m has been built for a wide range of workboat and leisure uses ranging from wheelchair accessible cruiser to hydrographic survey and commercial diving.

The low centre of gravity and steep deadrise gives an incredibly comfortable ride and a very stable working platform. With a beam of 2.7m, the 7.9m is the largest Cheetah which can be road towed in the UK. Flexibility of launch sites has been popular for hydrographic survey and with recreational users, whilst the stability and good load carrying capacity appeals to commercial operators across the fishing and workboat sectors.

Length overall7.9m
Length overall inc bow sprit8.2m
Length to inner transom7.2m
Draught0.3m (min)
Wheelhouse size1.7m
Deck space2.1 x 2.58m wide

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