Robert just keeps coming back

Robert Wallace ordered his 5th Cheetah in October 2018. He opted for a 9.7m x 3.7m commercial wheelhouse cheetah with a pair of Selva 100hp Killer Whale engines. We asked Robert to answers some question and we hope that by sharing his experience it will make your Cheetah buying decision easier.

Why did you choose Cheetah Marine?

This is my 5th Cheetah and with my experience of past vessels I wouldn't consider anything else. They are good looking and very stable boats which provide a great working platform.

How did you find the process of your build and delivery?

Build process was relatively easy I tell them what I want and nothing is a problem. Barry has a wealth of knowledge and is excellent at his job. Delivery was no problem to North East Scotland.

What do you use your boat for? 

My boat is used for potting and jigging for Mackerel.

How have you found your new Cheetah?

Out latest Cheetah is great, very pleased with it and it ticks all the boxes.

What sort of speeds have you been getting?

I can cruise at 14-15 knots burning approx. 30-35 litres per hour.

Any issues or other comments?

We have some vibration going through the hull from the Jabsco pump for the deck hose. Perhaps Barry can find a solution for this?

Would you use Cheetah Marine again?

I would definitely use Cheetah Marine again! No hesitation.

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