New 11.2m surfs at Nazare

Latest 11.2m Charter Cheetah tested at Nazare

The latest Cheetah video shows the new 11.2m built in Portugal and launch and tested at Nazare at the end of last year. Sean Strevens, Cheetah Founder and Designer talks about the features and characteristics of the updated design along with specific design features for the charter and adventure series. Following the Lisbon Boatshow in February, the Cheetah will start a demonstration tour south to the Algarve.

The video was produced at Nazare famous for its big waves which are produced by the presence of the underwater Nazare Canyon which funnels and grows the incoming swell.

Propulsion and speed and economy

The 11.2m is powered by the new Honda 225hp V6 engines producing top speeds of 37 knots at 5500rpm. Efficient cruising at 18-20 knots at 3500rpm consumes around 20 litres per hour per engine. This equates to around 2 litres per mile whilst covering around 20 miles in an hour.


‘We’re really pleased with this hull and how its performing. Really solid in the water, you can turn at high rpm and the boat stays completely level on the turn.’

Sean Strevens

Super soft and dry ride

The new inbuilt forward spray rail produces an even softer ride. Cheetah’s renowned cushion effect is created from the inner chines deflecting water from the bridge deck towards the central wave break. This creates a mix of air and water which becomes higher in pressure as you go towards the stern, generating lift throughout.

The higher pressure at the back of the tunnel creates a counter balanced lift which keeps the hull level when accelerating as well as producing a soft ride in head seas. In following seas the new forward rail reinforces the straight tracking when surfing down big waves and keeps a very dry ride even in strong cross winds and during turns in considerable sea states.

Super easy to Manoeuvre

Steering and manoeuvrability especially in tight spaces is easy with Sea Star’s hydraulic steering system comprising of Tournament rams, hydraulic tie bars and power pump coupled with Honda’s drive by wire controls. The 11.2m will turn in its own length and is highly controllable owing to the wide distance between engine centres.

Big deck space

The deck is flush from the wheelhouse through the length of the deck to the stern making it easy to launch paddleboards and diving equipment from the side door or the stern platform extending between the engines. Central seating boxes with wide walkways either side create a comfortable open plan pace with access for passengers around the boat when underway.

Cooling Cabin design

The cabin is open plan and has been built with half glazed windows keeping cool air flow through the undercover area. When cruising and at high speeds, the screen offers protection whilst keeping air circulation above head level. The roof is shaped like a wing section to generate lift when underway contributing to a smoother and more economic ride.

Access to the structural roof section is via a stainless steel ladder behind the deck seating and is good for spotting dolphins, photography or diving from when at anchor.

Launch and Recovery

Cheetah have been building bespoke aluminium road trailers and launch trailers since 2007. This launch trailer features twin galvonized axles rated at 8000kg each.

During launch and recovery and when nosing onto the beach, keel bands protect the hulls.

The catamaran is powered up onto the trailer with the central box section inside the tunnel of the catamaran. Yellow HDPE pipes protect the tunnel section and a guide feature keeps the catamaran straight for line up before powering on.
Once powered on, the hulls cannot leave the box section. Throttle can be adjusted with engine trim as the weight comes onto the trailer powering the boat straight up to the headboard.

Boatshow Lisbon February

The 11.2m Cheetah will be at the Lisbon Boatshow. Nauticampo, the International Exhibition of Boating, Sports and Adventure will be help from the 12th – 16th February at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa. Check the show schedule for opening times.

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