Cheetah Trio tame the Black Sea

Following a successful start of service for two hydrographic Cheetah catamarans which arrived in Ukraine earlier this year, the Ukraine Hydrographic Office have since ordered another three identical work catamarans.

The new Cheetah trio will be based in the Black Sea and on the River Dnieper where annual temperature extremes range from-30 degrees to plus 30 degrees. The three Cheetahs are built to a high survey specification inclusive of an overhead stainless steel framework for lifting transducer mounts from the water through a central moonpool system. The frame also accommodates an overhead awning for relief from the elements. A second deployment facility is available on the starboard side via a swinging davit through the side door enabling lifting of up to 100kg.

In addition to the standard road towable set up provided by Cheetah Marine the Hydrographic Office also requires the ability to crane the boats from the water onboard a mothership. Three stainless steel lifting points in the central wavebreak and transom have been incorporated into the hull providing a single point lift for ease of craning.

Sean Strevens Cheetah designer comments ‘The Ukraine twins were a first for Cheetah Marine as it is the only time we have built two identical boats out of our 340 delivered. To receive an additional order for three really validates the success of the 7.9m as a towable survey vessel.’

The long style cabin has been fitted with a port side worktop above 19” computer racking, constructed of stainless steel with rubber mounted shock pads. A second workstation is provided in front of the navigator’s suspension seating with fold down keyboard table.

Twin 150 litre inbuilt fuel tanks will provide a range of up to 200 miles at cruising speed of 16 - 18 knots with survey work carried out at 6-8 knots. Outboard engines will be fitted in the Ukraine. All wiring for 240v shore power has been completed by Cheetah Marine and a 2Kva Honda generator fitted.

The Cheetah workshops are working at full steam with spring deliveries now in the moulding stage. Next deliveries will include an 8.5m angling Cheetah for a sport fisherman in Lowestoft and a 7.2m Fisheries Patrol Vessel for the Irish Department of Marine.

Length overall including engine pods 7.9m
Length overall including moulded bow sprit 8.2m
Beam 2.7m
Gunwale height 0.7m
Draft (hull only) .3m (min)
Deck size L2.9 x W2.58
Wheelhouse size L2.1 x W2.58
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