9.95m SERIES 3.6m BEAM   Lengths: 9m, 9.95m

True offshore performance and rough weather capabilities enable many commercial fishermen to take advantage of the seakeeping qualities of a larger vessel whilst fishing in the under 10m sector. 

The 9.95m was first introduced in 1993 as a commercial fishing boat capable of working from a surf beach in large swells. Inline with Cheetah's ongoing development programme, the original 9.95m was revisited and updated in 2011 keeping the under 10m workboat ahead in its game. With a draught of just 35cm, the 9.95m is worked from many small tidal harbours around the UK , enabling fast access to some of the best fishing grounds.

The 9.95m has a low centre of gravity, wide hulls  and a choice of cabin types. It is suited to any application where lower powered outboard engines are required whilst retaining the seahandling benefits of a larger craft.

With a large clear deck measuring up to 18m2, the 9.95m provides excellent weight carrying capabilities whilst maintaining good cruising speeds. Fuel economy is very good, especially when compared to similar capability monohulls.

Length overall9.95m (typical)
Length excluding engine pods9.2m
Draught0.35m (min)
Gunwale height0.7m
Wheelhouse size:
1m (various widths)
Deck space5.5 x 3.45m (typical)

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