Cheetah Marine buy Outhill Mouldings

In continuation with our ongoing development programme, Cheetah Marine has extended the portfolio of deck hardware by purchasing the Outhill seat, consoles and mouldings range. Having been established for over 30 years, the Outhill products have a reputation for quality and innovation, perfectly complimenting the bespoke service available to all Cheetah customers.

We now have possibly the most extensive range of boat hardware available in Europe. The range includes boat seating, deck boxes, jockey seats, consoles, deck lockers and other accessories. We have used the Outhill products for many years on both our commercial and leisure range of catamarans.

- Sean Strevens, Cheetah Designer

Cheetah Marine currently have a full order book heading into spring with a number of exciting projects including a sports tunafishing catamaran for the south of France and a new type 6.9m. Production of Outhill parts will start immediately and are available both to Cheetah customers and other boatbuilders.

For current products see:

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