8.5m SERIES   3m BEAM   Typical lengths: 8.5m, 8.9m

The 8.5m Cheetah maintains a shallow draught of 0.3m and produces very little wash. This combined with a finely tuned hull design enables the Cheetah will glide effortlessly through the water, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. 

Wide hulls with 1.9m centres supply substantial buoyancy enabling passengers or heavy loads to be transported in complete comfort in rough conditions. The 8.5m model is available at a choice of lengths from 8.5 to 8.9m.

Length8.5m (typical)
Length inc bow sprit8.7m
Length (ex pods)7.7m
Draught0.3m min
Deck area

5.5m x 2.58m wide
3.5m x 2.58m wide
Wheelhouse area
Long wheelhouse

2m x 2.58m wide

Gallery Entries for 8.5m SERIES   3m BEAM   Typical lengths: 8.5m, 8.9m

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