6m SERIES     2.4m BEAM   Length: 6.2m, 6.9m

The original Cheetah catamaran was designed back in 1989 for beaching daily on a surf beach. Now, after 25 years of working from all around the U.K coast, the 6m series is recognised as one of the most successful work catamaran in the U.K. Cheetah Catamarans maintain a level trim at high cruising speeds in poor conditions. The advantage of this is a stable working platform and a more comfortable ride in rough seas. The 6m series available at a choice of lengths from 6.2m and is custom built to suit any inshore role.

Length Overall 6.2m
Length to inner transom
Beam 2.4m 2.4m
Gunwale height 0.7m 0.7m
0.25m (min) 0.25m (min)
Wheelhouse size 1m  1m - 2.1m

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