Blue Haven to visit tranquil sanctuaries of the south

The first Cheetah to be delivered by sea this year is 6.9m 'Blue Haven'. The 6.9m was delivered from Ventnor to Gosport Marina in a blustery Force 6 at first light on Friday morning.

Blue Haven replaces the new owners succession of sailing boats.
'We've had years of sailing around the South Coast and across to France but at 6-8 knots, long passages just take too long. By running a Cheetah we still have the back up of two engines although we can’t use the free engine in the sky. We can easily cover 100 miles plus a day and we have a boat which is hugely capable as demonstrated on the delivery voyage.'

Blue Haven will be used as a practical pleasure boat, cruising the South Coast, fishing and exploring estuaries and harbours. With a shallow draft of just 30cm and power trim and tilt on the twin Honda 40hp outboards, Blue Haven is able to access shallow lagoons and tidal inlets for a longer duration. As well as the good seahandling characteristics attributed to Cheetah’s twin hull design Blue Haven can be easily nosed up to small remote beaches and will sit level when drying out on the sand. The keels are protected by stainless steel keel bands which are fitted to each keel.

The 6.9m has been fitted with an extra long wheelhouse measuring 2.8m long from the dash to the aft bulkhead. So as not to compensate with lose of deck space, aluminium bolt on pods accommodate the twin Honda outboards. A starboard side door enables easy access from pontoon to the deck.

On the delivery voyage Blue Haven achieved top speeds 20 knots and cruising speeds of 16 knots at 4500 revs.

Length to aft bulkheads excluding engine pods 6.9m
Length overall including engine pods 7.6m
Beam overall 2.4m max
Draft (hull only) 0.25m min
Engine package 2 x Honda 40hp outboards
Deck size 2.3m x 2.2m wide
Wheelhouse size 2.8m x 2.2m wide
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