More build options for the 6m series

The ever popular 6-7m series is now being designed and built with even more choice on dimensions.

The traditional Cheetah was originally available at 6.2 and 6.9m LOA with a 2.4m beam. As markets developed and demands changed a 2.55m version with a greater weight carrying capacity was introduced in 2015.

Due to increased demand, the series is now available at 6.9m with versions featuring a 2.7 and 3m beam. These options enable the customer to get maximum benefit depending on their individual use and any licensing, taxation or harbour restraints that may apply.

What’s the choice?

2.4m beam:

Ideal for for easy launch and recovery from a trailer or the beach, easily towable and suitable for small marinas with tight pontoon space. Monohull width with the advantages of a stable deck and safety of the catamaran

2.5m beam:

Higher buoyancy hulls provide a greater weight carrying capacity for both engines and load with a super soft ride. With speeds of up to 40 knots whilst maintaining excellent fuel economy the 2.55m version is still Europe compliant for road towing. Ideal for travelling distance in comfort and ease of launch from a trailer.

2.7m beam:

The max width for road towing in the UK. A shortened version of the 7.9m is a favourite choice amongst hydrographic surveyors. Deck space and stability is excellent with the option of a pot shoot between hulls for fisherman or a moonpool in the bridgedeck for surveyors. Ideal for distance with good cruising economy.

3m beam:

Loves carrying heavy loads in rough conditions. Wide, buoyant hulls with 1.9m centres deliver superior deck space and stability. More weight for a shorter waterline length reduces top speeds but is easily compensated in comfort and ease when working in safety in big swells.

Cheetah designer Sean Strevens says ‘Going to sea in a boat with a proven safety record where construction is top level and fuel economy is low is the way forward. This is essential to ensure safety for all those that earn their living or enjoy their time on the sea.’

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