Over the years, Cheetah Marine has worked with a number of charitable organisations and individuals who have wheelchair accessibility either as their number one priority or very high in their list of design requirements. Geoff Holt's 9.2m Wetwheels has become a flagship amongst the UK's disabled charities and activity schemes, promoting access on the water for everyone, regardless of age, background and ability.

Cheetah Marine's first dedicated wheelhchair catamaran was a 7.4m built for Green Island in Poole Harbour in 2000. This delivery was closely followed by Friends of the Dolphin, who ordered their first 9.95m in 2001. Committee boats, families and charter boats also wished to incorporate the flexibility into their builds. 

In 2012, wheelchair access was taken one step further when Cheetah worked with disabled yachtsman Geoff Holt MBE to build a powerboat which Geoff could operate solely from his wheelchair. 'Wetwheels' was an instant success, giving disabled people of all abilities and ages the opportunity to experience the thrill of being out on the water and even helming the Cheetah from their chair. With the support of Geoff Holt and Cheetah Marine, other charities soon embarked on their own Wetwheels story. A second, almost identical Cheetah 'Wetwheels Jersey' was delivered in 2013, developing the Wetwheels brand and raising awareness.

Easy, roll on access is provided by the side opening door, which is fitted at deck level. The wide spacious deck provides excellent stability with access forward into the wheelhouse via a widened door. Wheelchair accessible head compartments can be accommodated at the rear of the wheelhouse. 

Watch the Wetwheels video here:


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