‘White Warrior’ excels in home run.

A mid winter delivery voyage to Belgium took new owner Paul van Leerberghe just 7.5 hours. The 9m 'White Warrior' cruised the 165 miles at an average speed of 22 knots and used just 2 litres of fuel per mile.

Paul required a fast boat which would enable him to travel to wrecks up to 50 miles from his base at Nieuwpoort in Belgium. 'White Warrior' is a shortened 10.2m Cheetah with an overall length of 9m and the full 3.7m beam. The Cheetah is powered by twin 175hp Honda outboards cruising 22 knots at 3500 rpm with a top speed of 35 knots.

Skipper and Owner: Paul van Leerberghe comments

"The boat is amazing. The trip back to Nieuwpoort took just 7.30 hours. The boat was very soft on the water and also very powerful. With two litres of fuel for one mile at 22 a 23 knots I am very pleasedThank you and your employers for making such a nice job"

This 9m has twin inbuilt 250 ltr fuel tanks and has a roller guide system for anchoring from the cockpit ideal for fishing.

With over 200 sq ft of deck space to use, a choice of three wheelhouse sizes and an endless options list, the 10.2m can be tailored to a wide range of commercial fishing options.

Length to aft bulkheads excluding engine pods 8.2m
Length overall including engine pods 9m
Beam overall 3.7m
Gunwhale height 0.70
Wheelhouse, cab door to fwd bulkhead 2.0 x 3.6m wide
Deck space, wheelhouse cab door to aft bulkhead 3.1 x 3.6m wide
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