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Welcome to Cheetah Marine

Now in our 28th year of production, Cheetah Marine continues to lead Europe in the specialist design and construction of power catamarans.

Cheetah Catamarans are renowned in the commercial world where time at sea is dictated by the weather conditions a boat can operate in. Excellent stability and rough weather capabilities are crucial to sea conditions that many Cheetahs work in daily, year in, year out.

We combine our customer's specification with our knowledge and experience gained from building over 350 catamarans. The result is an individual Cheetah to suit your unique application. Call 01983 852398 to discuss your requirements.

A new dimension in


With a wide beam and low centre of gravity, stability in all weather conditions and during all modes of operation is excellent. Typical inclination angles from the vertical are 3 or 4 degrees when all the crew and passengers are standing on one side.

Deck Space

The configuration of a catamaran is such that more space is available than in a monohull of comparable length. This means that with a very stable deck and excellent weight carrying capacity, the Cheetah is suitable for a wide range of uses.


With a sealed, self draining deck, excellent stability and twin engines, the Cheetah is easy to handle and an incredibly safe vessel. Advanced construction techniques and high tech materials built into a commercially proven hull design will ensure peace of mind whatever the application.


The shallow draught and low hull resistance of all Cheetahs means that planing speeds are reached easily with little or no hump resistance. This gives the Cheetah the ability to cruise in calm or rough weather at intermediate speeds, maintaining a level trim with excellent fuel economy.


A Cheetahs unique hull design ensures a comfortable ride at high speeds in moderate seas. Inbuilt spray rails ensure that water is deflected from the outer chine keeping the deck dry in rough conditions. The inner chines deflect water from the bridge deck, creating a cushion of air and water inside the tunnel and a very soft ride.


Fuel economy, speed and quietness are paramount in the design of the Cheetah. With twin 90hp Honda outboards, the 9.95m will reach 20 - 23 knots and maintain 15 knots with a 1500kg load onboard. Fuel consumption at mixed speeds varies from 4 - 9 litres per hour per engine.

Rough Water Stability

All Cheetahs have been specifically designed with rough weather seahandling in mind. A cushion of water and air forms in the tunnel giving lift and a soft ride in head seas. The high volume bows and lift generated from the symmetrical bow section give excellent following sea handling. Surfing in such conditions is both comfortable and safe. This counter balanced lift, created in the tunnel allows the use of lower powered engines to achieve the same speed as in a mono hull of the same size. This reduces both the capital and fuel costs.


Twin hulls ensure the Cheetah will sit level when beaching. A self draining deck offers additional safety when beaching in the surf. Rocker in forward sections of each keel allows the catamaran to slide further up the beach providing a safer landing.

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