New higher weight carrying model launch for 2010

Cheetah Marine, once again not resting on its laurels, has launched a completely new 10m model for 2010. The new 10m x 3.7m commercial wheelhouse catamaran has been designed for a high weight carrying capacity often required for netting boats. To achieve this and still maintain good performance with an economical cruising speed Cheetah Marine has designed a hull step in the first third of each hull. The step induces air onto the running surface of the hull reducing the hull drag. 

Sean Strevens, Cheetah Designer 

"Over the years we have learnt a huge amount about hull performance. The existing 9.95 has been very popular since the model was first designed in 1996, the latest delivery achieved 20 knots on sea trials with only twin 60hp engines. The new 10m model is completely different and will compliment the 9.95m rather than replace it."

High weight carrying catamarans require each hull to have a wide waterline beam or a very high bridge deck or both. A deep V below the waterline is needed to make the boat comfortable and soft riding in a head sea. The large hulls and deep V increase the wetted surface area of the hulls which in turn increases hull drag. To overcome this problem Cheetah has designed triple forward chines leading into hull steps.

The new stepped hull has generated excellent results. The boat’s wash is very aerated, like a twin jet powered boat. The mix between the cushion of air and water in the catamaran’s tunnel and the air induced under each hull from the air steps have produced a big catamaran with a high load capacity with a very soft and comfortable ride which is both economic and fast, using relatively low powered outboard engines.

Hydrive hydraulic steering is supplied by Southern Cross Marine. All stainless steel work on board is marine grade 316 and made in Cheetah’s new factory on Ventnor Seafront in the Isle of Wight. 

Sean Strevens

'A brand new boat from a brand new factory is a great start to 2010. We have an excellent order book for Cheetahs right through our model range from 6.2m up to 11m. A new 6.2m will be available within the next few weeks. As usual, we will be at Seawork with a Cheetah workboat and plenty of information of all the models in our range.'

Length to aft bulkheads excluding engine pods 9.2m
length overall including engine pods 9.9m
Beam overall 3.7m
Draft hull only 0.40m min
Gunwale height 0.70m
Max engine power 2 x 225hp
Deck space 5.7m x 3.6m
Wheelhouse size 1m x 3.6m wide
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