Cheetah have just launched the second of apair of River Hamble Harbour Patrol Catamarans. The 6.2m Cheetahs have beennamed ‘Rose’ and ‘Crown’ and replace the original 6.2s Cheetah supplied 13years ago. The vessels areemployed mainly as patrol vessels but like any Cheetah Catamaran have beenbuilt as a multi-use vessel which River Hamble Harbour Authority will use formany other roles including assisting the emergency services, emergency pump outs and harbour duescollection.

With a range of marine backgrounds and with the added experience of workingthe early Cheetahs, the Skippers of the new craft were vital at all stagesduring the build. The new Cheetahs were designed with this in mind and werefitted with various alterations and additions to help improve performance, easeof work and safety.

These features include:

  • A side door for moving largeequipment including the pump machinery to and from the boat. The door will alsoaid casualty recovery as well as recovering large objects and debris from theriver
  • Onboard generators topower large pumps which are liftedon and off of the vessels
  • A centrally mounted aft tow post made by Cheetah Marine is fixed lower to deck to provide thesafe tow of larger vessels
  • The new Honda 60hp fourstrokeoutboards provide top speeds of 24 knots and a good cruise at 15 – 17 knots.

Features of the old Hamble PatrolCatamarans which have again been incorporated in the new builds

  • Complete stainless steelgunwale capping to protect the gunwales when working with chains and heavyequipment over the side
  • Stainless steel D bars to protect the engines
  • RIB style fender system for protection to the hull whenworking alongside boats
  • Second outside steering positionto for 360 degree vision over the lowered wheelhouse

Andy Melhuish, Skipper, comments on the success of the Cheetahs in the river

"The early Cheetahs were a great product and now they are even better. The close quarter maneuverability of the Cheetahs is second to none. They are excellent boats for many applications."

Length to aft bulkhead excluding engine pods 6.2m
Length overall including engine pods 6.9m
Beam overall 2.4m
Draft hull only 0.25m min
Gunwale height 0.25m min
Deck size: Wheelhouse bulkhead to aft bulkhead 3.4m x 2.2m wide
Wheelhouse size: Fwd bulkhead to door 1m x 2.2m wide
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