Visit ‘Lady P’ on her debut at Seawork 2011

This splendid new Cheetah, 'Lady P' will be on exhibition at Seawork from the 14th to the 16th June. The International Commercial Marine Exhibition and Conference returns to its familiar quayside location in the UK Port of Southampton for the 14th consecutive year this summer.

Launched and photographed on Saturday, 'Lady P' certainly suits her name. The Lady in question will remain Island based and the owners have some very interesting projects in mind. To conform to the Small Commercial Vessels Code of Practice, 'Lady P' has been MCA coded to Category 2, 60 miles from a safe haven.

Measuring in total 11.2m, the Cheetah has been built and fitted out with a 3.3m wheelhouse, flybridge, an extensive fit out and is powered by twin 300hp V6 Yamaha engines. A starboard side door provides wheelchair access to the spacious deck.

Cheetah Marine is also celebrating a significant milestone recently by taking the order for the 300th Cheetah. The 11.2 is still to be named and will be delivered to Rupert Soames of an extremely remote part of Scotland. Cheetah Marine's 'Remote Location Series' has proved popular with people who live in the far reaches of the UK and require a boat for transportation of passengers and supplies. The weather capabilities of Cheetah's are ideal for such vessels given their excellent sea handling capabilities.

Many changes have taken place since the business started twenty years ago, not least the use of new, strong, light materials and the development of extremely efficient outboard engines.

It is great to see that over the years the catamaran concept has been accepted and the benefits are now recognised. We are still using our original 6.9m mould which has been slightly modified several times to accommodate our continuous design experience. I am looking forward to Seawork, it is a truly professional show and a 'must' for Cheetah Marine

- Sean Strevens, Cheetah Designer

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