Seawork drives success

Following a busy week at the show, the Cheetah team is happy to report a vibrant and buzzing Seawork. The new home of Mayflower Park, Southampton has proved a huge success as a very professional and accessible venue.

Sean Strevens, Cheetah designer said “We rely on Seawork for introductions to new customers to secure orders in the coming months.

As Europe’s largest commercial marine & workboat show, the exhibition attracts a very high caliber of clients which suits our growing worldwide market. 

We really encourage all visitors to Seawork, or anyone interested in buying a Cheetah to view the different models under build in the workshops and test the Cheetah from Ventnor Haven on the south side of the Isle of Wight."

The new containerised Cheetah powered by Proteum’s Oxe diesel outboard engine attracted considerable interest and ran continuous demonstrations in Southampton Water.

Recent deliveries include two versions of Cheetah Marine's new 6.9m series, both for private leisure use. 

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