Sean tests new Selva Tarpon 40hp

At the start of the year Sean had the opportunity to test Selva’s new continuously rated outboards on the 9m x 3.6m Cheetah Catamaran. Fuel economy verse engine power has become one of the leading areas in outboard development and is a critical factor in optimizing Cheetah’s efficient hull design.

“We recently installed and tested a pair of the new Selva Tarpon 40HP engines on Cheetah’s demonstrator. The standard engine revs to 5500rpm with a maximum 115hp. These are 1741cc engines weighing 189kg each and are ideally suited to our 9m x 3.6m and 9.95m x 3.6m range. The 40hp version is the lowest RPM engine in Selva’s continuously rated range. The engines performed perfectly, cruising at 18 knots at a maximum of 4000rpm using 30 litres per hour for both engines. The fishing licence required is only 59.68Kw and 2.3/ 2.5 tons.”

The trial used NMEA technology providing accurate data for vessel fuel consumption at 1.6 litres per mile at 18 knots. Optimum economy for cruising speeds is generally at around 50 – 75% of an outboards maximum capacity. On a Cheetah this is from 3000-4500rpm and is remarkably good consumption for the speeds acquired.

In addition to low fuel consumption and a smaller fishing license, Selva Owner’s running a high capacity engine at low rpm can enjoy extended engine life.

Other engines available in the range include

Selva Dorado 996cc 100kg 20” transom 25HP and 30 HP

Selva Marlin 1596cc 20” transom 170kg 30HP and 50HP

Selva Tarpon 1741cc 20” and 25” transom 189kg 40 HP

Selva Killer Whale 2670cc 20” and 25” transom 216kg 90HP

For Selva continuously rated engine sales and advice please email or call 07974126378.

9m x 3.6m Cheetah
Top speeds 18 knots
@ 4000rpm 30 litres per hour (boat)
Fishing licence: 59.68Kw and 2.3/ 2.5 tons
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