Functional, flexible and flirty: Cheetah’s latest addition to the 10m Series

Expanding Cheetah’s popular 6-11m range of power catamarans is new sportsfisher ‘Bleu Camargue’. The 9.7m is the first version of the 10m series to feature a deck level walkaround with central cabin allowing complete freedom of movement when fishing. Open access from the side deck compliments the ease of movement between the fishing spaces and helm.

Bleu Camargue left Cheetah‘s base at Ventnor Harbour on the 7th of May arriving at Cherberg where she is continuing her journey to the French Riviera by road. She arrives in plenty of time for the start of the French tuna fishing season in July.


Xavier Demerre operates charter fishing trips from Camargue, specializing in offshore blue tuna fishing during the months of August, September and October. As well as cruising the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Xavier is planning river fishing tours on the Little Rhone for catfish. He will also offer Seafaris to see the famous Abrivada, a tradition where bulls are accompanied along the river banks by a dozen horseman.

Specification Highlights:

Open sided cabin features a double helm seat with an additional full width bench behind the access doors.

Bow sprit fishing area with various height platforms and removable seating.Rising curved stainless steel rails and non slip provide safer fishing when fishing from higher on the bow.

Forward quarter port side access to the berth and storage facilities in front of the dash

Central worktop, bar and galley with access from cockpit and cabin

Gunwale and transom rod holders all around

Live bait tank which can be removed from the aft cockpit

Removable clears and side screens to fully enclose the cabin when required

Stainless steel keel bands to protect the hulls when fishing and cruising in shallow water and rivers.

Bleu Camargue is built to CE Category B for a total of 14 persons.

Garmin electronics including 3 multifunction screens, one housed in a rotating pod for ease when fishing

Xavier who also has a sportsfishing boat in Mayot comments ‘Many people travel huge distances for big game fish when there are big fish here in the Mediterranean. The bluefin in the Mediterranean are getting bigger which shows the management is effective. By only fishing for four months with strict quotas the bluefin tuna fishery is sustainable. With Bleu Camargue, we have excellent stability and offshore performance with good speeds at low fuel consumption. The walkaround is vital to enable us to fight with the tuna from all positions around the boat whilst maintaining stability’

  • More information including engine data and speeds to follow.
Length overall 9.7m
Beam overall 3.7m
Draft (hull only) 0.4m min
Width of cabin (max) 2.4m
Width of cabin (min) 1.98
Cockpit length from back of cabin (min) 1.75
Cockpit length from back of cabin (max) 2.4m
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