Comfort of Cheetah Navigation enjoyed on West coast of France

A new windscreen version of the 7.2m Cheetah was delivered to the French Island of Noirmoutier earlier this summer. New Owner Phillipe has reportedc onsiderable interest from local fishermen and boaters following the delivery of EXO7 which is the first Cheetah on the Vendee coastline.

EXO7 joins a growing number of Cheetahs on the French coast including 11.2m XCAT used for surf safari and charter from Capbreton and a 9.2m fishing Cheetah based in Royan.

Phillipe took delivery of a Stage B 7.2mwindscreen Cheetah in May. A local boatyard completed the build with fitting of engines and steering. With twin Mercury 100hp outboards Phillipe has reportedtop speeds close to 35 knots and cruising speeds at 20 knots. Exo7 has been fitted with stainless steel keel bands to enable protection to the hulls when beached on Phillipe’s drying mooring on the north side of the island. Phillipe also chose the Cheetah for the shallow draft making it easy to collect family and friends from the beach outside their house.

‘The ride is very comfortable with excellent protection by the windscreen. The family are very happy and the kids have made good progress at fishing. We have had a great time onboard despite the poor weather this season and enjoyed the comfort of Cheetah navigation. The boat is very secure and we could enjoy fishing with 2m swell.”

From Wednesday the 17th September to Monday the 22nd September, Cheetah Marine are also exhibiting a 6.2mCheetah at Le Grand Pavois Boatshow in La Rochelle. This week also coincides with the Southampton Boatshow where there are 5 Cheetahs on the water. For more information on either shows please call 07980 986 232.

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