New training & research Cheetah unveiled at Seawork

A second 2017 hydrographic Cheetah will be launched for exhibition at Seawork later this month. The 9.95m Cheetah has been designed and built for training and research programmes at Aberystwyth University.

The new catamaran, Taliesin meaning Prince will be deployed across Cardigan Bay and will be instrumental in gaining understanding of the area’s marine biodiversity whilst training students enrolled at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS).

Tasks carried out aboard Taliesin will include benthic trawling, sediment sampling water sampling, hydro-acoustic and video surveys along with more traditional scientific dives. Specialising in bespoke stainless, Cheetah have fabricated an aft tow frame and starboard swinging davit enabling surveys to be carried out simultaneously. Recovery from the aft and side towing points are assisted with a 5hp Honda powerpack.

Dr Pippa Moore, Marine Community Ecologist said ‘The new Cheetah will increase our research capacity in Cardigan Bay, helping to build our understanding of the impact of climate change on marine biodiversity’

Taliesin’ is fitted with twin 115hp Honda fourstroke outboards, attaining a top speed of 25 knots and minimizing transit times between survey sites. The Marine Biologists will have more time acquiring data at specific sites, essential when surveying busy ports or tidally constrained waters.

Taliesin will be exhibited alongside 8.5m which will be engaged in operations involving the construction of the infamous multi-tiered Padma Bridge in Bangladesh.

The team at the IBERS were initially impressed by Cheetah Marine’s workboat background with hydrographic survey Cheetahs working worldwide. ‘Taliesin’ is one of the popular 9.95m Cheetah Catamarans which have earnt an outstanding reputation amongst commercial operators for their excellent stability, deck space and good seakeeping qualities.

Cheetah Designer Sean Strevens said ‘three decades goes to prove that Cheetah catamarans are extremely versatile and well-built workboats. The hardiness of construction and finely tuned design is complimented by our team’s ability to customise each boat according to the customer’s specific applications. The original Cheetahs are still out there working the coast of the UK which is testament to the product.'

LOA 9.95m
Beam 3.6m
Power 2 x 115hp
Wheelhouse 2 x 3.4m
Deck size 4.5 x 3.4m
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