Three’s a crowd at the Southampton Boatshow

14th - 23rd September

We are counting downthe hours to the start of the PSP Southampton Boatshow on Friday. This year there will be three Cheetahson the water with the first of the trio launched and in place today.

Intricate twin enginemanoeuvres and ropework, not forgetting three human shields were required to negotiate 7.9m ‘Yellowfin’ into her top spot on the Honda pontoon today. Intrademark Cheetah golden yellow she certainly stands out against the mass ofsurrounding Sunseekers. If thetwin Honda 135hp outboards don’t catch your eye between the myriad ofmegayachts, the shimmering stainless steel bait station on the aft deck will.

Opposite on the Suzukipontoon is 10.5m Zeus, a Navico display boat for Navico’s high end range ofSimrad navigation systems. The 10.2m Cheetah Catamaranalso supported by Suzuki has been deployed throughout the Solent over thesummer and has been involved in various sailing events including the SuperyachtCup.

Finally, ever popular 9m Wetwheels will berunning rides for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. Powered by twoof Suzuki’s flagship V6 300hp outboard engines she promises to provide a greaton the water experience.

As usual Sean, Keith, Lucy and Barry willbe onboard the various Cheetahs so pop down to say hi and check out our recentbuilds for yourself.

7.9m Yellowfin 2.7m beam: angling and lesiure
10.5m Zeus 3.7m beam: electronics display
9m Wetwheels 3.7m beam: charter
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