Commercial updates keeping Cheetah ahead

Cheetah Marine are committed to continually improving catamaran safety and efficiency. For commercial fishermen recent improvements include:

  • Hull line efficiency. The original 9.95m and 6m series have been updated to increase the running economy with relatively small outboards. For example the 9m running with twin yamaha 70hp outboards will provide good cruising speeds at 18 knots and 1.5litre per mile.
  • A new wheelhouse design is now available for the 9.95m, 3.6m beam Cheetah, The wider wheelhouse offers more spacious accommodation and can be partitioned to offer protection when hauling
  • Stern shoots are becoming increasingly popular on new builds.
  • The beamiest 3.7m Cheetah is now available at lengths from 9.2 to 11.2 metres.
  • All Cheetahs comply with the current Seafish regulations.
  • The new 80hp Honda outboard will be replacing the 75hp and is available in extra long shaft. This will make this engine very suitable for the 7.9m, 8.5m, 9m and 9.95m series.

So far in 2014:

The update to the original 9.95m Cheetah has proved popular with commercial fisherman. Sean reviewed and revitalized the existing 9.95m mould in 2013. Updates included:

  • Lifting the bridge deck to increase load capacity without compromising the good fuel efficiency at low power.
  • Adding an inner tunnel and outer tunnel bridgedeck chine to further increase the comfort and economy.

A 9m version of the 9.95m was build for Welsh fisherman Andrew Owen who collected his new Cheetah at the end of March.Andrew reported a great home journey encountering some rough seas and strong tides and still maintaining an average speed of 18 knots with 1.7litres per mile for the vessel.

Geoff Blake surfs into Ventnor Haven in 9.95m Ventnor Pride, having clocked up 28 000 hours aboard his 9.95m Cheetah:

6.2m, 6.9m 2.4m
6.9m, 7.2m 2.55m
7.9m 2.7m
8.5m, 8.9m 3m
9m, 9.95 3.6m
9.2, 10.2, (reg L 9.99) 11.2m 3.7m
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