R&D: Diesel outboards & deck conversion system

Evolution of an 18 month collaborative R&D project has helped pave the way for several in house developments at Cheetah. 


Cheetah Marine optimized the existing 10.2m hull to support the development and testing of high capacity diesel outboard engines. The evolved hull accommodates the weight, power and torque of two models, independently designed and built by reputable marine manufacturers. 

A short movie shows the benefits of the Cheetah hull during sea trials and testing.

The project provided an opportunity for offshoots and with commercially tested offshore capabilities, the open decked catamaran has been built to accommodate Cheetah’s deck reconfiguration concept.


Using a twin tier deck tracking system, modular units, produced by Cheetah, can be rapidly reconfigured to support a wide range of multi-role operations.

Embedded into the deck of the 10.2m are four pairs of stainless steel tracks accommodating compatible modules including steering & seating consoles, a wheelhouse or windscreen, safety rails and generators & winch boxes.


Specialised uses may include emergency & pollution response, border defence & patrol operations, anti-maritime crime as well as more standard operations including hydrograhic survey and remote location.

A robust top side fendering system enables ease of crew transfer and vessel interception at sea. Inside, the gunwales form storage compartments with watertight hatches.

The vessel has demonstrably good slow speed manoeuvrability as well as a very soft cushioned ride, removing the requirement for heavy and expensive suspension seating. Added protection in the hulls ensures protection during shallow draft operation and multi-terrain landings.

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