Cheetah Marine currently occupies 1600 square metres of workshop space at Ventnor on the south of the Isle of Wight. In 2010 a new purpose built harbourside fitting out workshop was completed. Located on Ventnor Seafront, the 600m2 building was designed to create the perfect environment for efficient bespoke fitting out. Each finished Cheetah Catamaran is fully tested and seatrialled before delivery, and if necessary, can be easily taken back into the workshop for adjustments.

Catamaran construction is divided into two main stages: Firstly fibreglass work, laying up and bonding of mouldings, fitting of internal bulkheads and the deck. The second stage involves the unique fit out of each craft depending on the specification and includes fitting of engines, electronics, specialist survey equipment, stainless steel and metalwork as well as the final internal and deck configurations.

Mouldings are transported from the Lay up Workshops on Ventnor Industrial Estate down to Ventnor Haven to be fitted out, completed and sea trialled.

Cheetah Marine is committed to the small community of Ventnor where the first Cheetah catamaran was built and seatrialed. The changeable sea conditions to the south of the island provide a great testing area for new Cheetah designs whilst enabling potential customers to test the catamarans in a variety of conditions.

In both workshops great emphasis is placed on air filtration to produce very clean production conditions. In addition to this all workshops are constantly monitored and controlled in terms of both temperature and humidity.

Personal involvement by the Strevens family remains key in sustaining both quality and design. As our Cheetahs owners say ‘we can no longer take days off when the weather is rough!’

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