The Cheetahs catamarans ability to operate in extreme conditions is ultimately attributable to a finely tuned hull design coupled with the latest technologically advanced materials and a robust construction programme. With a skilled and knowledgeable team a flexible approach is adopted to each project.

Construction is divided into three main phases within three distinct workshop areas to maximize efficiency at each stage of build.

Moulding and Glasswork Shop

All mouldings are carried out in strict temperature and humidity controlled conditions ensuring correct curing temperatures for resins and gels.

Isopthalic gelcoat is backed with a first layer of powerbound matt with vinylester resin protecting the whole structure form osmosis. The skin is complimented during main layup by a combination of chopped strand and multi axle cloth.

Structural integrity is maximized by combining the shell structure with a series of internal ethafoam bulkheads. These are encased and bonded with glass fibre to create an extremely coherent structure.

The conclusive phase of the hull construction of utmost importance to the buoyancy of the catamaran is fitting a closed cell honeycomb deck directly onto the top of the bulkhead and bridgedeck. The result is a series of internal compartments running up through each of the hulls. The sealed compartments are responsible for the substantial buoyancy found in Cheetah Catamarans, far in excess of the required for the boats displacement.

Ancilliary mouldings and wheelhouse structures use a PVC single cell foam core composite construction. Weight is reduced without compromising strength surpassing traditional boatbuilding materials.

A comprehensive series of internal and detail mouldings have been developed over the last 25 years.

In combination, these mouldings provide an endless choice of wheelhouse and deck configurations. New moulds and modifications are commissioned to provide new solutions demonstrating Cheetah Marine’s flexible approach to any build.

All materials are Lloyds approved

Fit out and Metal Work Facility

Fit out specification is individual to each Cheetah Catamaran. Cheetah Marine encourages customers to become involved at all stages of build. Visits are particularly valuable during preliminary fit out to ensure the build follows the exact requirements and preferentials of each customer. Specifications are flexible throughout the build process.


All metalwork is designed and fabricated according to each individual catamaran in the metal work facility

All metalwork is constructed in marine grade 316 stainless steel or aluminium.

Specialist custom built lifting, towing and overhead gantry structures in addition to safety rails built to comply with the MCA Codes of Practice or the Recreational Craft Directive.

Cheetah Marine’s unique inbuilt underdeck fuel tank design has been approved by major bodies including The Environment Agency, Maritime Coastguard Agency and Seafish.

A full range of road trailers and beach launching trolleys have been developed for launch and recovery.


Bespoke manufacture and fitting of deckware including flybridge, side doors, moonpool, deck boxes, seating, storage and stern shoots.

A wide variety of internal configurations available to suit wheelhouses of varying length including berths, galley, heads, seating / berth conversions, internal racking systems.


Systems fitting takes place in the new Cheetah Marine state of the art workshop at OceanBLUE Quay. Cheetah Marine has extensive experience in fitting all manner of systems ranging from standard onboard appliances to fully integrated specialist navigation and hydrographic survey installations.

Electronic: Fitting of navigation systems including radar, echo sounders, chart plotters, vhf and DGPS

Electrical: Complete 12v, 24v and 240v onboard power solutions, specialist hydrographic survey hardware and software.

Mechanical: includes inboard and outboard engine options with associated controls and hydraulic steering, haulers, winch systems and deck machinery

Integration of electronic, electrical and mechanical systems as required.

In all phases of build Cheetah Marine’s philosophy is to continually improve and lead the way in small boat design and construction.

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