Build Standards


Currently in the UK, three regulatory authorities enforce build quality standards for small leisure vessels and workboats. Commercial fishing vessels are currently certified to Seafish standards. As Cheetah Marine is at the forefront of catamaran building and design, Seafish have adopted some aspects of the Cheetah design specification in their standards.

Leisure Cheetahs are built to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) which achieves a CE Mark. This means that all Cheetah Work Catamarans are surveyed by an independent marine surveyor at least once during build or on completion.

Workboat Catamarans, of which Cheetah Marine have built the following: hydrographic survey, harbour patrol, charter, dive, seafari, disabled access, are all built to comply with the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Code of Practice.

Seafish Construction requires submission of temperature, humidity and quantity charts for each stage of the glass work. Within all three standards, RCD, Seafish and MCA, fibreglass curing is tested by barcol hardness readings. This ensures correct curing of the fibreglass. Our workshop was inspected by Seafish Surveyors and passed as suitable for the production of Seafish compliance vessels.

In addition to building to the appropriate Regulatory Authority, Cheetah Marine have an excellent reputation based on the longevity of previous builds. Catamarans completed in the early years are still in service, the majority of them having extremely hard working lives.

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