Cheetah’s in full force at Seawork 2012

The Cheetah workshopsare running at full steam preparing for the debut of three new Cheetah’s atSeawork on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th May.

On exhibition and inthe water will be:

7.2m Search and Rescue Cheetah for the NorthWest Police Underwater Search and Marine Unit. Catamaran and Trailer Package

The towable 7.2m named‘Cheetah’ has been fitted out with full search and rescue facilities enablingPolice Divers to operate within the confines of inland waters and offshore to adistance of 12 miles.

Falmouth Harbour Master Patrol and Survey

Killigrew a 7.9mCheetah featuring a Moonpool for deployment of Cheetah’s patented hydropoddesigned to house various transducers. Specialist stainless steel work includesa Hadrian's Rail around the bow.

Commercial Charter and Wheelchair Accessible Cheetah

9m Wetwheels, GeoffHolt's powerboating venture was launched just over 8 months ago and has sincetaken out hundreds of disabled children and adults. The 9m was designed forhelming by Geoff from his wheelchair. Wetwheels also operates as a commercialenterprise and is available for all types of commercial work at competitiverates.

Although each Cheetahis a bespoke build designed to a specialist operation, the flexibility ofdesign enables the catamaran to perform a wide range of marine roles. For moreinformation on any of the models call us on 01983 852398 or come down and visitus at Seawork in Southampton. For directions see:

7.2m with 2.55m beam Police Search and Rescue
7.9m with 2.7m beam Falmouth Harbour Master Patrol and Survey
9m with 3m beam Commercial charter and wheelchair accessible
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